Back in 2005, Backstage regular and Seahawks fan Cedric Morris noticed that he was being joined during Seahawks games by other fans. So Cedric decided to organize an official group, giving birth to the SoCal Seahawks Fans.

Since then, the group has grown to include multiple generations and is now the largest gathering of Seahawks fans outside of Seattle. The Backstage has been named the #1 out-of-town Seahawks Bar in the U.S.

The group has hosted numerous charity events at the Backstage with legendary Seahawks stars coming down and signing autographs. Seahawks players’ families who live in Southern California are regulars for games.

Cedric still runs the show and has now become a celebrity in his own right.. not just for being a super-host, but also for his star-making appearance in the Campbells Soup commercial alongside Mama Sherman.

Seahawks games at the Backstage are the next best thing to being at the game... big screens everywhere, state-of-the-art sound, Seahawks shots at halftime, DJ rocking the commercials and the stupendous Seahawks Wing Special. Come early, stay late, meet new friends... and make some noise for the Hawks!

Welcome to Hawks Nest South!!!

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